Sunday, January 26, 2020

Sermon Outline


“When God’s People Get

Tired Of The Manna”

Exodus 16:12-17

Israel had been saved, rescued from Pharaoh and Egypt. In Egypt they were slaves. They were made to labor to make Pharaoh rich and powerful (Ex. 1:10-14). Pharaoh had even began killing the baby boys as they were being born to keep Israel from multiplying (Ex. 1:22). God did not promise Israel that it would be easy or that there would not be any struggles. But He did promise them to sustain them and take them to a land of abundance. And yet they murmured.

I. The Manna

         a. It was spiritual food (v.15: Matt 4:4).

         b. It was sustaining (Jn. 6:35, 51; Jn. 6:68).

c. It was sweet (v.31; Ps. 19:8-11). Only the Word of God can satisfy a hungry soul.

d. It was sent. It is free given by God. People don’t even have to buy a Bible any more. You can get any translation on line free. The Gideons give out the Word of God by the thousands.

II. The Murmuring (Ex. 16:2; Nu. 11:4-6)

The Israelites murmured about everything. Murmuring is low volume complaining (I Cor. 10:10).

a. They were influenced by the “mixed multitude” (Nu. 11:4). There were some Egyptians who left with the Israelites. Note, they were not slaves in Egypt.

b. They became indifferent to spiritual things. They quit looking with anticipation to what was promised (Ex. 3:8; Phil. 3:13-14).

c. They became impulsive (Ex. 16:3). They organized protests.

III. The Miracle (Nu. 11:31-32)

         a. They prayed for meat (Ps. 105:40).

         b. God provided much (Nu. 11:18-20).


         c. The people mourned (Nu. 11:33).