Saturday, February 22, 2020

Prayer List

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2020-02-19Tom Cheshire
 Please pray for Bro Tom, he will be having open heart surgery on Monday Feb 24, to replace heart valve. Please pray for him and Ms. Sandra 
2020-02-19Pray for those who are fighting cancer
Charlie Hensley prostate cancer, Shelia Johnson chronic lymphocytic leukemia, Johnny Vickers brain tumor, Bubba Douglas brain tumors, Alona Parrish brain tumor, Isabella Owen brain cancer & colon cancer, Vicky Smith Breast Cancer & brain tumor, Kinsley Miller Brain tumor, Jane Crocker ovarian cancer, David Bishop cancer, Michael Ingram leukemia, Delorse Story breast cancer(shes at home recovering from surgery, Tracey Goembel breast cancer , Marc Earp stage 4 liver & colon cancer, Pat Bennett Colon cancer, Jewel Monty lung cancer 
2020-02-19Brayanna Shepherd
 please pray for this young mother, she had a stroke and is in medically induced coma.  shes 29 yrs old and has a young son  Please pray for her and her family 
2020-02-19Judi Qualls
please pray for Mrs. Judi as she heals from taking proton treatments 
2020-02-19Beth Woodard
 she had stage for kidney disease please pray for her as she seeks treatments.  Pray for healing. 
2020-02-19Harold Givens
 please pray for Joyce Kirkland's brother, he has a serious heart condition and is not able to have surgery at this time
2020-02-19Pat Bennett
 please pray for Carol Donegan's mom she has been diagnosed with colon cancer, she had surgery on Tues please pray for her as she recovers and awaits results to see if it's spread. 
2020-02-19Jo Hoover
 please pray for Ms Jo,they had to reschedule her shoulder surgery please pray for her. . 
2020-02-19Nadine Jolley
 Please pray for Sharon Deaton's sister in NC she has alot of health issues please pray for wisdom for her health care. 
2020-02-12Mike Melek
 please pray for Ray & Gretchen Edwards son in law (Becky's husband) he has a liver disease plus some other health issues.  Please pray. 
2020-02-12Peggy Plaster
 please pray for Matt Plaster's Mom Peggy, she is in a hosp in NC she has had a heart attack.  
2020-02-05Pray for The Military
Please pray for Jeremy Canaday and family in Alaska, Jody Canaday , JJ Byrd  Navy , Devon Hiland Marines Hawaii, Austin Hiland US Air force, Nebraska, Jacob Smith Afgahnastan, Peyton Bradford Army, in Germany,  Michael Parrish basic training Army, Chas Hassell basic training , Kyle Kotzen Iraq 
2020-01-29Anthony Adcock
 please pray for him as he recover from knee replacement
2020-01-29Jody & Dayna Canaday
 please pray for their family. 
2020-01-29Kelvin Bishop
 please pray for Ms Jo Hoover's brother in AL he has had a stroke
2020-01-29Susan Nolen
 please pray for her, she is now in the nursing home in Erin,Signature Nursing home.  
2020-01-29Pray for families who have loved ones that have passed away
Margaret Deason Family, Loretta Nash Family, Bobby Parker Family, Don Griffin family , Kay Woodrick Family , David McIllwain Family, Doris Caldwell Family , Clark Crain Family 
2020-01-29Rosalee & George Cummings
 please pray for Margaret Cole's parents they are in bad health and not doing well 
2020-01-29Kenny Bush
 please pray for him, he will be having a 2nd eye surgery on the 28th 
2020-01-22Bruna Jones
 please pray for Dana Halls Dad, he is not doing well.  Please pray  
2020-01-15Marlo & Judy Copeland
 please pray for Tammy Hyndman's uncle, he had a stroke, he's in a rehab facility.  Please pray for him. 
2020-01-08Levi Newberry
 please pray for little Levi's hearing,  pray as he recovers from surgery.  they will know in a few weeks if the surgery was a success.  
2020-01-08Laura Underwood
please continue to pray for Laura as her foot heals from torn ligaments and her finger heals from being broken.  
2019-12-18Tyler & Kristin Lay
 please pray for this young man, he had a deer stand fall with him, right now he is paralyzed from the waist down.  Pray for him and his wife.  
2019-12-04Jenny Britt
 please pray for her, she's been in the hospital for several weeks due to a serious car accident she has a long road of recovery ahead of her with several surgeries she is facing.  Her mom passed away last night.  Please pray for her and her family during this difficult time. 
2019-12-04Pray for those in the Nursing Homes/ Shut Ins/Those in long term care
Please remember in prayer, Charlie Hensley (Vickie Parker's dad), Mildred Spradlin Magnolia Place Waverly room 210, Diane Stephens Rest Home in Union City , Mary Lee Morgan Olive Branch,  Randall Gibbs NHC healing from car accident , Skip & Celia Delius Celia has dementia , Bud Sherrill at home , Dot Hautman Olive Branch 
2019-11-13Condry Hyndman
 Please pray for Condry, update on him, he has Alpha Gal disease it comes from a tick bite.  it makes him allergic to by products of mammals.  He's been very sick.  Please pray for complete healing.  
2019-11-13Leanne Cathey
 please pray for her , her lung disease has progressed and CT scan shows 
2 lymp node mass.  Please pray for healing
2019-10-30Pray for Lost friends & family, Those needing spiritual healing,