Thursday, June 27, 2019

Sermon Outline

                                                                                                       “Desires Of Our Hearts

Or Desires Of Our Lust?”

Psalm 78:18-31

We claim the promises of God and we should. God is a prayer answering God (Isa. 65:24; Jere. 33:3). Jesus promised )Jn. 14:13). But the promise of God to answer prayer does not come without qualification (James 5:16). If we persist in pleading with God after we know it is not within His will, he may give us what we ask for. We also need to understand that God hears the complaining in our hearts. So it doesn’t have to be us specifically asking for something, it may be complaining in our hearts about what we don’t have.

Are our prayers from our hearts and according to the will of God or from our lust.

I. The Purpose For The Request (vv. 18, 22)

         a. They forgot.

                  God had saved them.

                  God had protected them (v.42).

b. They listened to the world (mixed multitude) (Nu. 11:4).

         c. They lusted (v.30).

II. The Place of the Request (v.17)

There are certain times when we should be careful what we pray for. They were in the “wilderness”. A time to simply trust the Lord.

a. When our prayers are motivated by the negatives of others.

b. When our request is to simply appease the flesh.

c. When our request is motivated by dissatisfaction.

III. The Punishment for the Request (Nu. 11:33)

         a. Teaches us not to covet certain things.

b. Teaches us to pray according to God’s will (Jn. 9:31; Rom. 8:27; I Pet. 4:2).

c. Teaches us to appreciate all that God has already done.